2009 – A vision to help youth improve on their Basketball skills was created. The goal was to help them tap into their own self-confidence through training. Four years later, She’s Up Showcase and He’s Next programs were created to help kids receive the proper exposure and the right training while helping steer them in the right direction in regards to college sports scholarships began! After creating so many great platforms, it is now time to put everything together as it relates to sports, as well as, the business side of sports. It is all to help student-athletes have a well-rounded vision of professionalism as it pertains to their sports careers!


SwinCity was created not just for the athlete, but also, for youth who love sports but may not be athletically-inclined. We are making a place for everyone to show who they are through actions of services and helping them to understand that this is all ultimate chess move for their futures. SwinCity is here to apply pressure to their minds to create and develop future city builders.