SwinCity of Texas


Strengthen the community.


SwinCity pushes the following:


  • Physical education through sports
  • Mental health awareness
  • Educating youth on the sides of sports such as:
  • Community involvement
  • Communications
  • Broadcasting
  • Accounting
  • Public speaking
  • International businesses
  • Sports health education
  • Bringing in a professional staff to help teach and mentor the youth
  • Disaster relief camps
  • Working closely with researchers in us to help Identify trends that SwinCity can address in the community.


Safety procedures:

– Having mandatory COVID-19 screenings

– Social Distancing

– Additional sanitation stations and supplies to help limit the spread.


Providing an after-school program that provides education assistance for the embitterment of under privilege youth in our community Programs set up in school districts.


Building: $210,000

Staff: $385,230

Transportation: $150,150

Food/nutrition: $25,100

Business cost: 250,000

Equipment cost: $80,000


Other loss of revenue from planned fundraising.